What do I do?

First off, events like this are hard and take time and labour. Right now, as pandemiced as we are, structural differences are huge and partaking isn’t possible for everyone.

So start by sharing the love – find some one whose work in Openness and WordPress you admire, think of people less privileged than yourself – tweet their work, tag them in, make sure the world knows how great they are.

Second, share your own stuff. This can be any thing WordPress and Open. Maybe h5p, maybe your CC licensed blog posts, maybe your cool plugin? Whatever, we aren’t prescriptive, we’re having a party. Let’s celebrate!

Third, try to put the hashtag, #pcPopUp2020 into your tweets.

One tweet is fine, a 100 tweet epic thread is fine. If you get to 99, don’t stop, push on. We believe in you. Tweet in whatever language you like, it doesn’t have to be english.

Unlike other PressEd’s, no one get’s a time slot, no one gets peer review, just turn up and tweet.

Stay safe


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